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High School Yearbook Fundraising

Click! Its school picture day and students are lined up against the wall, waiting for their turn and desperately hoping that they won’t look like complete idiots in their photos. Once it is your turn, you are told to stand in a certain place, adjust your posture, smile, and- click, you are on your way. For most students, the story ends there, but there are a select few who happen to be a part of a much longer process, the process of creating (drum roll, please!) the yearbook. The yearbook is one of the most important memorabilia you will ever collect in your elementary, middle and high school years.

Therefore, it should be one of the best, in every way possible. Not only should it be attractive and stylish, but the content must include all of the major events in not only your school experiences but in everyone’s! That is a lot of pressure to put on a few of your peers, but the outcome can be spectacular. Yearbook members are dedicated to creating the perfect chronicle of your school’s past year.  

And I can say firsthand from my own experience that it is not that easy. There are many steps to creating the perfect yearbook. First you must take, gather up and sort all the pictures and photos commemorating the past year. Then you must choose a yearbook customizing software. This software can give you many visual options for the appearance of your yearbook.

The next step, obviously, is choosing the visual effects and backgrounds you and the rest of the yearbook team think would best suit the school. Finally, you insert the pictures. For such a long and complicated process, it may not only take time but also money. Yearbook fundraising is an important part of the yearbook process, and America’s Fundraising knows just what you need!

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