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Wrestling Team Fundraising

What is one of the toughest sports known to the majority of Americans? While some may say football originally, once reminded of this sport, they will almost surely change their answer. Wrestling is a rough and tumble sport, with roots in pubs, bars, competition and rivalry. Most everyone knows what wrestling is, but for those who do not, the following should clear things up. Wrestling is, basically, fighting. There is, of course, professional, amateur, and casual wrestling. Virtually every man over 25 has most likely participated in one of these types of wrestling.

School rooted wrestling usually begins at the high school level, but there are some programs that provide wrestling background for younger children. The rules for wrestling vary at the different levels and with different programs. For example, some levels ban any form of punching or hitting, while others not only allow but actually encourage hitting and punching. Professional wrestling, on the other hand, is a whole different story.  

Unlike in real wrestling, professional wrestling is all completely staged! The so called “wrestlers” do nothing but fake fight, which is the exact opposite of what goes on in real wrestling. Wrestling is a sport commonly played in high school and even middle school. Wrestling, as with most school based sports, has teams. The teams consist of players from the same school or group.

Unfortunately, many schools (including my own) do not have enough money in the budget to completely sustain all of their sports teams, and while sports like football and soccer are often given special consideration for their near universal appeal, sports like wrestling may sometimes be overlooked. That is why wrestling fundraising can be so helpful to your wrestling team. Wrestling fundraising is often the ticket to a better team and a better wrestling experience.

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