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Water Polo Fundraising

Have you ever heard mention of a sport which is known as water polo? Odds are that if you are like the average American, while the term “water polo” may sound vaguely familiar, you most likely have little to no knowledge of what it means. Your first impression may be that it is some sort of swimwear brand, but, in reality that is nowhere near the true meaning. Water polo, believe or not, is a sport. It is played, like many sports, with two teams competing against each other.

Also like many other sports, the object of the game is to get a ball into the opposing team’s goal. There is, however, one major difference between this sport and others similar to it in these ways. Water polo is one of the few sports of this type that is played not on land, but instead in the water! Sounds pretty cool, does it not? You might even, at this point, be considering trying this sport out. I can tell you right away that it will not be the carefree, easygoing sport you may be expecting.  

Water polo requires extensive use of your hands, whether you are passing the ball, catching the ball, or shooting it into the goal. When playing water polo, the water is traditionally too deep for most players to be able to touch the ground with their toes while keeping their head and arms above water level. Therefore, players must tread water virtually the entire game to play effectively.

Even though water polo is not commonly recognized in America, there are many American water polo teams, all the way to the Olympic level. For American water polo teams, what better water polo fundraising distributor could there be than America’s Fundraising. We’re perfect for water polo fundraising!

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