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Varsity Team Fundraising

Have you ever heard of a thing called Varsity? Varsity actually has two meanings. In this article, I will describe both meanings of Varsity, and how America’s fundraising can be the best option for both types of varsity fundraising. One definition of varsity is the higher level of sports. For example, if you are on the varsity field hockey team, you are on the field hockey team with the higher skill level at your high school. Varsity teams usually have players from tenth to twelfth grade, while junior varsity members are usually tenth graders or lower.

This is because, in general, older players have had more time to build their skills at the sport of their choice, giving them a better knowledge of the sport. Varsity fundraising, in this sense, can be for many different causes. For instance, your varsity team may need more money to put together a senior night for all of the players who stuck with the team all the way to twelfth grade. They may need to raise money to buy new uniforms, better pennies, or new equipment. They may even fundraise for events such as a sports camp.  

It is for these reasons that America’s Fundraising can be helpful. With all these different things to fundraise for, it will take a variety of fundraisers to raise enough money, and America’s Fundraising has just that. The other definition of Varsity is a cheerleading program. In case you did not know, cheerleading is a type of sport fairly different from others. Cheerleaders lead cheers to cheer up the crowd at a sports game and pump up the players. Many of the reasons to fundraise for the other kind of varsity apply to this kind of Varsity as well. America’s Fundraising is perfect for this kind of Varsity, as well.

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