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Track and Field Fundraising

Have you ever heard of the term track and field? Literally, track and field just means a track (such as those laid out for locomotives) and a field ( such as those used for growing, cultivating and eventually farming crops). Yet there is a completely different definition for these two words when they are combined with the conjunction “and”. Track and field, surprisingly, is a group of different yet still similar sports that can be played either on a track or on a field. One of the major sports played on the track in track and field is simply track. Track is a sport in which the players race around a track.

The first one to complete the given amount of laps around the track wins. One lap is the equivalent of running in one full circle around the track. Competitors in track are separated by gender and by how many laps they will be running. Track is only one of the sports played in track and field, however. On the field, one of the sports played is the javelin throw. The javelin throw is pretty self explanatory.  

Players each start at the same point and throw the javelin as far as they can. The person who throws their javelin the farthest wins. There is another sport called the discus throw. This is very similar to the javelin throw except it is done using a discus as the throwing object.

One other event in the field portion of track and field is the shot put, which is also like the javelin throw but instead of throwing a javelin players throw a heavy metal ball. Track and field fundraising is something that is necessary for most all track and field teams, and thanks to America’s Fundraising, track and field fundraising can be much simpler.

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