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Picture a square, relatively small arena of sorts, made almost completely of green and black concrete. It is the middle of May, one of the hottest times of the year. The court, as it is called, is baking in the sun. placed in the dead center of the court is a long rectangular net of black mesh, dividing the two halves of the court. You are beginning a match against one other person. Each of you is on an opposite half of the court with a snowshoe shaped racket in hand.

The match begins, and you toss the tennis ball into the air, hitting it with the racket and sending it flying across the course, hopefully out of your opponent’s playable zone. If the ball lands on the ground inside of their zone and is not hit, if the ball hits the net when they hit it, or if the ball bounces more than once inside of their zone, then you get a point.  

Your opponent’s objective is to hit the ball back into your zone. The zones are fairly large, and a ball hit into any part of your zone is fair game, causing you to be forced to zigzag back and forth in the searing heat, attempting to hit the ball back into the opposite zone. Sounds pretty harsh, doesn’t it? Well, I can personally testify that tennis is indeed a very trying sport. Tennis can be played two different ways, with few variations to the rules. These two ways are one on one (one player against one other player) or two on two (with two players on each side of the court).

The only really significant difference when playing two on two is that the court is extended two feet on either side. Tennis is played using tennis balls. Tennis balls are also commonly used as balls for dogs to play catch with. Tennis fundraising is something that those of us at America’s Fundraising can really be a great help with.

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