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Tee Ball Fundraising

Have you ever heard of baseball? Most likely you have, but if you have not, here are some of the basics. Baseball is played on a field. The field is mostly grassy, except for a diamond dirt cutout with a concrete square at each corner. These concrete squares are, in the baseball community, known as bases. Each base is a sort of safe zone for the batter, which leads me to my next explanation. The batter in baseball is the person holding the bat at the starting point, also known as the home base.

The pitcher stands on a square of dirt in the middle of the diamond. The pitcher is on the opposite team of the batter. The pitcher throws the ball and the batter tries to hit the ball. The batter gets three chances to hit the ball before he or she is out. These chances are known as strike one, strike two and strike three. However, if the pitcher throws the ball incorrectly, then it does not count. A ball thrown incorrectly is either too low, too high, too far to the left or too far to the right.  

Once the batter hits the ball, he or she runs to as many bases as possible before the hit ball is retrieved and the batter is tagged by it. The batter is considered out once he or she is tagged. The batter cannot be tagged when on a base. Points are made by making it back to home base. Now, what about tee-ball? Tee-ball is almost the exact same concept as baseball, but with one exception. Instead of having balls pitched to the batter, the ball is placed on a tall peg in front of the batter. Tee-ball is for younger players. Tee-ball fundraising is a feat made possible through fundraising distributors like us.

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