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Swim Team Fundraising

If you love the water like I do, and have heard of the local swim team, you probably would think that it sounds like a pretty fun activity. Most likely you would assume that it is relatively calm and easygoing. hate to burst your bubble, but being on the swim team is anything but calm and easygoing. Swim team members put in long and hard hours, training, practicing and perfecting their skills. Swimming is a real sport, and deserves to be considered as such.

In fact, it is competed in at the Olympic level, which is just about as high as any sport can go. The type of swimming that is done on swim teams is greatly similar to running laps during track. One of the few obvious differences, however, is that track competitions and practices are done on land, while the swim team practices in the water. The swim team usually practices and competes in a pool, contrary to some types of recreational swimming. They swim laps, much like a track team would run laps. These laps are arranged in a slightly different manner, though.  

Each lap is a straight line starting at one end of the pool, going to the opposite end and then looping back to the starting point. Laps can be different sizes, ranging from twenty five yards to fifty yards, or even more or less. Swimming a lap this size without any breaks can, for a beginner, be a very strenuous task that may leave him or her gasping for breath. Swimmers at practice do not usually stop at one lap, however.

They may do five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty laps at a time! Needless to say, swimmers on the swim team must be very physically fit, determined and willing to push themselves to the limit. Swim team competitions are organized much like practice, except for one major difference. Swimmers from different teams compete to reach the fastest time. The swimmer who swims the needed amount of laps and ends with the fastest time is the winner. The swimmer with the second fastest time comes in second place, and so on and so on. Swim team fundraising is a great way to raise funds for the swim team.

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