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Student Council Fundraising

Every student wants to have a say in how their school and classes are managed. Did you know that there is a way to be in control of some of the decisions in you class and even grade? Well, you have probably heard the saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and in this case, the will is having a say in the decisions in your class and/or grade, and the way is through student council. Student councils are a brilliant idea that teaches children lifelong skills.

It is a simple yet simply ingenious idea. Student councils are set up basically the same way as any local body of government may be. There is a president. The president oversees all decisions and has the final say in these decisions, much like the president of the United States of America. There is also a treasurer, who keeps track of all transactions and manages the budget. There are usually board members from each class in whatever grade the student council is issued in.  

There are many other positions as well, which I cannot name off the top of my head. The student council makes decisions on relatively small-scale things, but even these seemingly unimportant decisions are teach these young ladies and gentlemen very valuable lifelong skills. For example, the president will learn leadership and decision making. All members contribute ideas, and all, therefore learn not to be afraid to speak up, and to be creative and contributive.

The student council often organizes school wide or grade wide events such as parties, food drives, contests, field days and dances. These things inevitably cost money. While some of the money needed is provided through the school’s budget, it may not always be enough. That is where student council fundraising can save the day, especially when paired with America’s Fundraising for your student council fundraising needs.

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