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Almost every high school student is involved in some extracurricular activity or another, but are all extracurricular activities created equally? Until recently, I was mainly an academically involved student after school. Some of the organizations I was involved in included Forensics Club, which focused on public speaking, the National Junior Honor Society, and a group called First Robotics Competition (nicknamed FRC) which is pretty self explanatory.

Forensics club only met two times a week, and these meetings were semi-optional. I was active in National Junior Honor Society only a few times each month, and FRC was one of the first major commitments I made. None of them compared to when I began participating in a sport. When I started field hockey, it was a commitment like none I had ever known, but the benefits were undeniable. I became more physically fit and grounded in my commitment.  

I put in long hours (from 5 to about 8:30 during the summer and around 4 o’clock to six thirty during the school year) and hard work, and became determined and hardworking. Before I felt that it was unfair how much credit sports teams were getting, but after I began field hockey, it seemed as though they were not getting enough credit. Sports teams are usually based out of high schools, elementary schools and middle schools.

Sports teams are groups of children and teens working together to complete a sport. A sport is a physical activity in which players work together, following specific guidelines and rules, to reach a goal. That goal could be making a touchdown, crossing the finish line or making a goal. Sports teams require substantial funding. They often have to pay for their own equipment and uniforms, especially if you want a customized uniform. Sports Team fundraising can help you reach these aspirations, through America’s Fundraising.

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