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Sorority Fundraising

Going to college can be an amazing opportunity. Not only are college students getting a higher level of education, but they are also developing their resumes, and, as it is commonly called, "getting the college experience." There is absolutely not a doubt that college can be (and usually is) a way for young high school graduates and even returning collegiate to “move on up” in the world. However, there are many stresses, hardships and struggles involved in the process.

By going to college, many students are leaving the home and even the world they have always known, and starting a new chapter in their lives. When teens leave for college, they are, essentially, growing up, and it can be a very scary and overwhelming experience, especially with all of the college courses, textbooks, tests, assignments and tuition that are piled on top of these emotions. It is an understatement to say that it can be very easy for a college student to become overwhelmed with all of these sudden changes.  

There is a way to keep afloat in this new environment. The metaphorical life vest I speak of is a sort of sisterhood that provides the love and support that would otherwise be given by family. This sisterhood is commonly known as a sorority. Sororities are groups of female college students who join together and work together towards common goals. Through a sorority, these young women can find family like bonds and the support they so greatly need.

Sororities are often named after Greek letters. For example, a sorority group may be named the Omega sorority. Sororities are in no way linked to each other. Each and every sorority is its own separate entity. One of the things sororities do is community work, such as raising money for good causes. Sorority fundraising is made so much simpler with a group like America’s Fundraising.

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