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Softball Team Fundraising

Softball these days is often overlooked in the major league sports of today. Sadly but truly, very few people appreciate softball as much as they do baseball, basketball, football or even soccer. But we here at americasfundraising.com feel differently. We know the sport inside and out and are willing to help anyone who needs more money for their softball team. We know that even though people often compare softball to baseball, there are really many more differences in the two sports than one would think. Many people actually feel that softball is by far the more complex and difficult sport instead of baseball.

Studies in fact showed that a professional baseball player couldn’t hit even one out of ten balls thrown by a non professional softball player. Convinced yet? If not, all you will need to do is check out one game of professional softball to make you believe that softball is one of the most difficult sports of all to play (and those balls are definitely not as soft as they sound!). And of course, there is a price to pay when playing softball. That price includes uniforms, field trips, equipment, coaching and more.  

But you most likely know this already, and this is probably why you have come to us for a fundraiser that will give you the financial support you need to go on that field trip, buy that uniform and pay that coach in the shortest amount of time possible. We offer lots of different types of fundraisers from frozen cookie dough (which is positively to die for), to scented candles, and much, much more.

But you know that whichever one you decide to get, it will always be delivered with our trademark efficiency, friendliness and speed. At americasfundraising.com, we actually care and will give you exactly what you want when you want it.

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