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Youth Soccer Team Fundraising

Soccer is one of the most known worldwide sports since a long, long time ago. Many cultures consider soccer as the most prestigious sport around and have their lives greatly influenced by it. Normally played with teams composed of about ten players in all, soccer can get very complicated very quickly and can be hard to keep up with for people who know little about it. But even if you donít understand the technicalities of what is going on in a game of soccer, the basic concept stays the same and is always enjoyable to watch.

It is played with two teams, each having a couple players doing offense, some doing defense and some in between as midfielders. The offense players work together with each other to kick the soccer ball down the field and into the other teamís goal, which is guarded by the opposing teamís defense players. Your defense players in turn guard your own goal from the opposing teamís offense players and the midfielders meanwhile follow the soccer ball and try to intercept it from the opposing team. Sometimes a team can get good enough that it must travel to other districts or states and this can be quite expensive. †

Thatís where we, americasfundraising.com, come in. We can raise for you the money you need to travel to games that require additional expenses in the shortest amount of time possible. We offer many fundraisers like popcorn fundraisers (perfect for an after game snack), candle fundraisers (to freshen up the house after days of sweaty uniforms and shoes) and the all time favorite, frozen cookie dough fundraisers (perfect to re-energize after a rigorous game of soccer). In addition to these we have many others but whichever one you decide on, there is one fact that you can be certain of- it will not disappoint!

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