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SGA Fundraising

Are you looking for a SGA fundraiser? If so, then americasfundraising.com is just the website for you! SGA stands for Substantial Gainful Activity, which is a fancy term for how much work you can do if you do not have a disability. If you have a disability in order to receive full benefits, you must not be able to do Substantial Gainful Activity in addition to more requirements. If you are looking for a fundraiser for disabled people, then we are the right website for you.

We understand disabled people here at americasfundraising.com and know what they struggle through every day to fit into modern society. There is such a stigma against people with disabilities and although, we cannot change this as a company, we can help you raise the money needed to spread a better awareness of the importance of treating disabled people fairly and with respect. Whether they have autism or Down syndrome does not matter to us. We simply are there for you to give you any help we can in raising money to support your cause.  

We offer a variety of fundraisers that will be the perfect way to raise the money you need in a very short time frame. Our employees are always there for you and will assist you in any way they can. We will walk you through each step in the simple process of setting up and running your fundraiser of choice. Speaking of which, we have quite a lot of fundraisers to choose from.

One of the favorites among our long list of customers is our frozen cookie dough fundraiser. But even if you decide to choose a different fundraiser, you can be sure of one thing if you get it from us at americasfundraising.com - you will not be let down!

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