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PTA Fundraising

Parents and teachers are who shape the minds of the children of today and set the example for our societyís future presidents, doctors, lawyers and world leaders. The parents of our next generation make it their duty to show their children how to treat people right and nurture them to adulthood at which point they can do the same for their children if they choose to have kids.

This is perhaps one of the most important jobs to do in the community but if any job came second it would most likely be the teachersí job. A teacher is there to teach the children what their parents arenít knowledgeable enough about or donít have the time to do themselves. It is a teacherís job to give the child a basis of knowledge for the career they may choose and this is very important indeed. So you can see, that both teachers and parents play a very big part in developing the minds of the next generation and this is the reason that the Parent Teacher Association, PTA for short, was formed. †

The PTA is an organization that does the things that an individual canít do on their own and plans events for the students like carnivals, food drives and fundraisers for such activities. And if your PTA needs a fresh new fundraiser then you are in the right place!

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