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Pee Wee Football Fundraising

Pee Wee football, otherwise known as youth football helps kids learn the fundamentals of football and teaches them various skills that can be used in other sports as well. Many parents become hesitant when they are initially thinking about whether or not to allow their child to participate in pee wee football. They feel it may be as injury prone as the regular game of football but there usually is not any greater a likelihood that they will be injured playing this game then other sports that are either organized or played after school in neighborhoods.

In addition pee wee football can teach kids the fundamentals of playing on a team, following instructions, and other great life lessons that are found in organized sports. Not only is it a great source of exercise for kids but it also helps kids with valuable skills that will encourage them to excel in other athletics and non athletic activities. Often kids that play Pee Wee Football go on to play other sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer. Oftentimes the same skills they learn from Pee Wee football can be transferred to other sports as well. Pee Wee teams often need to raise funds to pay for expensive protective gear and uniforms.  

With Americas Fundraising we can help your group with an array of various fundraisers that can help your team and individual players achieve funding for much needed materials and supplies. From frozen cookie dough, to dry mixes, to candles, we have a wide assortment of products and fundraisers to help your team achieve the funding it needs to be successful.

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