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Non Profit Fundraising

Nonprofit - one word that means so much to a healthy community and world. In case you didnít know, nonprofit means that all money earned goes directly to the cause. Nonprofit organizations are not corporations, proprietorships or partnerships. They are not even businesses. They are not here to make money, but to support a cause meant to better the community, environment and/or world. There are hundreds of thousands of nonprofit organizations.

There are several focused on bullying. There are even more whose goal is to benefit the environment. One of these is the World Wildlife Fund or WWF for short. They protect endangered animals and educate the public on saving these habitats. There are still others whose goal is, simply, to better the community. These include the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) for middle school students and the National Honor Society (NHS) for high school students. There are other nonprofit organizations that work on keeping children in school and involved in school and extracurricular activities. †

In fact, I have a friend who works for one such nonprofit organization. Their goal is to design community college classes to help keep students from dropping out. In general, people who work for nonprofit organizations are selfless, giving people with a passion for helping others. Their hard work and selflessness betters the lives of all of us. As I mentioned earlier nonprofit means that all money earned goes directly to the cause. Because of this, their funds often donít come in the same way as commercial businessesí funds do.

This can create a serious dilemma in finding ways to make money for supporting whatever cause the nonprofit organization is working towards. That is why fundraising is so essential to many nonprofit organizations. There is an enormous variety of fundraising techniques and products, and Americaís Fundraising can be very helpful for non-profit fundraising.

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