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Practically every single person wants to do something to help others or their community, and the National Honor Society proves to us that this passion can start at a pretty young age. The National Honor Society is a nonprofit organization which often works through high schools. Being a part of the National Honor Society requires much prestige, and can add a substantial amount of credibility to college and job resumes. Members in the National Honor Society must meet academic, leadership and other types of criteria to qualify. Members must complete ten extra community service hours on top of those required by their schools to be and remain a part of the National Honor Society.

There are many ways to earn these community service hours. For instance, you could volunteer for your local SPCA or animal hospital. You could also work at the local baseball concession stand for free, or help an elderly neighbor. Community service hours are not the only things you must do to qualify for the National Honor Society. Members of the National Honor Society must have a GPA above a certain amount. GPA stands for grade point average, and it means your average grade for the year. GPAs range from zero to four, four being a one hundred percent and zero being a zero percent. Members of the National Honor Society also must be a part of at least one road clean up, and also must participate in a fundraiser.  

National Honor Society fundraisers often sponsor events such as field trips or contribute to grant money. It is a sure fact that the National Honor Society is very big on fundraising. It is one of the key ways their members help to better the community. National Honor Society Fundraising can be made easier through America’s Fundraising.

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