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Christianity is by far the most widely worshipped faith in America. Christianity focuses around the life lessons and records found in one specific book. This book is the bible. The bible talks of a supreme being known as god, and his son, the savior Jesus, who sacrificed himself so his people could go to heaven in the afterlife. The majority of Christians (those who believe in Christianity) go to a temple of sorts, called a church, on Sundays. Some go more than once a week, and the most extreme go to church every single day.

People also go to Church on days celebrating special Christian holidays, and to perform ceremonies such as Baptism and weddings. Christian churches do not just hold sermons and ceremonies, however. Often you will find members of a church participating in some sort of community service or fundraiser to try and better the world. One example of a church’s good deeds is a mission trip. Mission trips are activities where a group from the church travels to a different place to spread their good deeds and (or through) Christianity.  

These are also known as missionaries. Mission trips often travel out of the country or at least out of the state the church resides in. Some examples of missionary destinations are Iraq, Africa, South Africa, Brazil, Afghanistan and Iran. As this list implies, mission trips often go to places of general poverty. They try to spread civilization, goodwill and, in the process, Christianity to these needy places. also provide financial and physical support to families and spread the word of god. As you most likely have inferred at this point, mission trips often cost a substantial amount of money. That is where mission trip fundraising comes in handy, and America’s Fundraising is a great fundraising distributor for fundraising for mission trips and missionary fundraising.

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