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Military Fundraising

What is one of the noblest ways to serve your country? The answer is obvious- join the military. The military is the group of armed forces that protect our country and the citizens of the United States of America from those who seek to harm us. The United States of America has a strong, hardworking military with soldiers willing and able to fight for the freedom of the rest of us Americans. There are many different branches of the United States military. The three large subdivisions are the Navy, the Army and the Air Forces. The Navy protects us from threats at sea primarily.

The Army mostly protects against threats on land. The Air Force protects us from flying threats. As every military wife, child, cousin, aunt, uncle, mother and father knows, having a family member in the military can be painful and trying. The uncertainty of his or her future can at times feel unbearable. It takes immense courage and strength not only to be in the military, but to have a family member in the military. †

Those in the military can at times be gone from their familiesí lives for months or even years at a time, missing key moments in their wivesí and childrenís lives. That is why it takes a tremendous amount of support for military families to get through these tough times. While the only way to take all of the stress away is for the military family member to return, support from friends and family can loosen the load and lighten the burden of waiting for him or her to return. Having the encouragement of others can be just what a military family needs to get their life back to normal. One of the ways to do this is through military family fundraising.

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