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Middle School Fundraising

For many teens and pre-teens, middle school can be either a safe haven or a nightmare. When you are in middle school, it can sometimes feel like you are in some strange limbo in between teen age and childhood, elementary school and high school. Middle school is the level of school that is after elementary school but before high school. The reason for middle school to exist is that it provides a school level for children who are too old to be left in elementary school but also too young to be mixed in with the towering teens.

If middle school students were put in an elementary school, their rebellion would most likely be taken out on students in the lower grades, making those studentsí elementary experience one not worth remembering. If they were let loose in a high school, the older teens would taint their minds, taunt, tease and bully them for sure. It is for these reasons that there is a separate level called middle school in between high school and elementary school.

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For most counties and school systems, middle school begins around sixth grade, and ends in eighth grade. There are, however, school systems which lack middle schools. Many high end and expensive private schools have no separation between elementary, middle and high school. Another reason for a lack of middle schools is lack of money.

For example, in the county in which I live, there is no public middle school simply because there was no room in the budget for one. Instead, students in sixth grade stay at the elementary school, wreaking havoc on lower grades and students in seventh grade and eighth grade go to the high school. Sometimes middle school students and teachers need extra funds for field trips and whatnot. That is where middle school fundraising comes along.

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