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Masonic Fundraising

What is one of the most secretive and tightly knit international organizations you have ever heard of? While your original answer may differ from mine at first, once you finish reading this article I am almost absolutely positive that your answer, like mine, will be the Freemason. Freemason is an order. Order are, simply put, nothing but adult clubs. Usually orders have some secret rituals, ceremonies, or customs. The Freemason does not differ from this expectation. It was created a very, very long time ago.

The Freemason is a brotherhood, and, from what I understand of it, is an all male “club”. In other words, no girls allowed. They are very mysterious, and the public knows very little about it. The few bits of information we do know were leaked by former or current members. One thing we do know is that they provide help and support to one another in many different ways. By being a part of an order like the Freemason, you can have a renewed sense of purpose and self confidence. For people who feel as though they do not belong, an order like the Freemason can help you feel like you are a part of something bigger, and connects you to others in the order.  

The adjective form of describing one who is of the Freemason or the freemason itself is Masonic. The freemason gets no money from the government because it is not a governmentally operated organization. It is not a corporation, either, so it does not make profits in that way. It also is neither a partnership nor a proprietorship. When members of Freemason want to raise money for the order, they must look to other forms than they would if they were governmentally operated, a partnership or a proprietorship. Masonic fundraising is the best alternative fundraising option.

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