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What is one of the most ancient and skillful forms of self defense? You most likely answered one of these three options: karate, kung fu, or martial arts. Personally, I do not have the slightest idea of what characteristics differ to make these three fighting forms their own separate entities. There are a few things, however, which I know the definitely have in common. For one, they all use a special connection between the mind and body. They remind me of yoga, which tests your inner strength and connects your muscles to your soul.

They are also all three used to defend one. While they could technically be used to cause fights and stir up trouble, this is not what the creators of these self defense forms intended for their uses to be. They are meant to be used solely as a form of self defense or to preserve the greater good. There have been many movies about these fighting techniques. Some of these movies include Kung Fu Panda Karate Kid, Karate Kid II, Karate Kid III and the more modern version of Karate Kid.  

Kung Fu Panda is a children’s movie. It is an action movie, an adventure movie, and a comedy movie all rolled into one package. The main character is a panda named Po who is chosen to use Kung Fu to save the land from an evil snow leopard. Karate Kid is a movie about a teen that learns to face his fears, stick up for himself and be a man through the guidance of a man who teaches him karate. Karate Kid II and Karate Kid III are not really worth mentioning. The modern Karate Kid is the same concept set in present day. Martial arts are important, and so are martial arts fundraising!

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