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Marching Band Fundraising

What is one group that is guaranteed to be at every high school football game, cheering up the crowd after a loss and motivating the players after a win, and parade, spreading joy and the holiday spirit? If you are still not sure, perhaps this next piece of information will illuminate things. The method through which this organization spreads its joy is music. The answer, as you must have figured out at this point, is marching band. Marching band are a fairly simple concept yet bring so much happiness. They are, in a phrase, simplicity at its best. Marching bands are made up of musicians playing only percussion brass and woodwind instruments. Percussion instruments are most traditionally drums.

Woodwind instruments that are played in marching band are usually limited to flutes. Brass instruments include trumpets, trombone and other metal horns. Student musicians in the marching band form a line or other formation during halftime in the game. Halftime is halfway through the football game. There is a short break lasting around fifteen minutes to let players catch their breath and form a game plan for the next half of the game.

During this short break, to entertain the players and audience, the marching band marches out in formation and plays various uplifting songs, usually including the school anthem. Traditional, members of the marching band are dressed up in nearly identical ostentatious costumes. Marching band is not only played at the high school level, though.

College and NFL (which stands for the National Football League) have marching bands as well. In fact, my own twin sister is a member of our schoolís marching band. She can personally attest to the hard work and preparation that goes into marching band. And Iím sure she can attribute to the difficulties of marching band fundraising.

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