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Lutheran Church Fundraising

Are you a Christian? If so, then you probably know that there are many subdivisions of Christianity. Among these are Methodist, Catholic and Lutheran. The Lutheran religion contains many complex yet small changes from some of the more widely known branches of Christianity, such as Catholic and Methodist. There are, however many things that stayed the same. For example, all of the stories in the Lutheran Church come from the same sacred book as in the Methodist and Catholic religions. This book is the bible. Therefore, all of their stories are pretty much exactly the same as those of the Catholic and Methodist religions.

There are, of course, as with all deviations, minor changes to their beliefs and interpretations of these stories, but this is one of the only changes. Lutherans do not really have a set belief on homosexuality. There are many different standpoints and beliefs on it in the Lutheran religion, much like in the rest of the United States of America. Since Lutherans have a church to which they go, like almost all churches they hold fundraisers to raise money for community programs and the church itself. This could be anything from passing a bowl around at the end of a sermon or holding a bake sale. You could also use the classic fundraiser.  

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