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Little League Baseball Fundraising

What is one of the most popular sports for young teens and children? If you are of the mindset of most of the millions of American citizens, your answer would probably be baseball. Now, if I asked you what the most popular baseball program is for eleven to thirteen year old boys and girls, there is only one program that will most likely pop into your head. That program is called Little League. Little League is a nationwide baseball program for pre-teens and teens of the ages of eleven, twelve and thirteen. Little League baseball is an enormous event.

In case you are not familiar with the baseball, here is some background information. Baseball, like many sports, is played on a field. The field has areas that have been stripped of grass and plowed over until all that is left is powdery dirt that gives better grip and uniformity to the ground. The grass stripped areas form a large diamond in shape. This diamond has a small square of concrete place at each of the vertices. This square of concrete is called a base. Home base is the starting position of the batter. The pitcher stands in the middle of the diamond.  

The pitcher throws a ball at the batter. The batter attempts to hit the ball with their bat, which is basically a smooth club. If he or she hits the ball the members of the pitchers team try to catch it. During this delay, the batter runs from home base around the perimeter of the diamond to the next base. Whenever the batter sets foot on a base, he or she is safe. If he or she is not on a base, then he or she may get tagged with a ball. Little League fundraising can be made easier with America’s Fundraising.

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