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Lions Club Fundraising

Do you want to become an active member of your community and a responsible citizen of the United States of America? If so, there may be an organization out there that is just waiting for a new member who has these wishes. That organization goes by the name of Lions Clubs International. Lions Clubs International has a nickname. The nickname of Lions Clubs International is simply Lions Club. Lions Clubs International has hundreds, no, thousands- in fact, tens of thousands of local clubs. If that sounds fairly impressive, wait until you hear this! In 2013, there were over one million, three hundred fifty thousand members in Lions Clubs.

If you are still not impressed, perhaps the fact that they have clubs in more than two hundred countries will get you impressed. Lions Clubs focus on one main goal. That goal is bettering local communities. Lions Club members do this through a variety of different community service options. True to their name, Lions Club members often share many characteristics of the mighty lion. †

They are cooperative and work together, but also have courage and leadership skills, with the well being of their community, or, in the lionís case, pride, in mind. To be in a Lions Club, you almost indefinitely must possess all of these qualities. You also must be responsible, hardworking and determined, much like the average lion. For those people who are in the Lions Club, there are many different options for community service to better your community.

Some of the traditional ideas are road cleanups and bake sales. Then again, there is always fundraising. Fundraising is one of the best options because it provides an opportunity for everyone, no matter what their schedule is like, to participate. Unlike other ideas, Lionís Club International fundraising can work around anyoneís schedule.

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