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What are some of the first words that pop into you head when you hear the word “sport.” If you are like most American Citizens your answer would probably be either baseball, softball, soccer, tennis or some other mainstream sports. Most likely you would not think of lacrosse. When people hear the word lacrosse, they usually start thinking along the line of golf. Aside from the fact that they are both fairly expensive sports that are usually played by the upper class, these sports are polar opposites.

Golf is played with a stick that hits a ball on the ground. Lacrosse, on the other hand, uses a “long tennis racket” of sorts. This “racket”, instead of having a net stretched taut, ends with a loosely woven bag in which the ball rests, much like a baseball mitt. Golf does not require a substantial amount of physical exertion beyond enough upper body strength to swing a club, while in lacrosse you must run like your life depends on it while swooping your lacrosse stick back and forth. The reason for the swooping motion is to use the inertial force it causes to keep the ball in the cup shaped net.  

Lacrosse is not a very well known sport, which makes it harder to fundraise for it since most people don’t feel a connection to a sport for which they know little about. There is one company, however, that can help you overcome this barrier when it comes to lacrosse fundraising. This company is called America’s Fundraising. America’s fundraising will almost certainly meet all of your expectations and criteria for fundraising. America’s Fundraising, is without a doubt the very best fundraiser distributing company you will ever have the pleasure to come across. No fundraising distributor can compete against the skills of America’s Fundraising.

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