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Kiwanis Fundraising

Do you want to make a difference in your community? If the answer for you is yes (and I certainly hope it is, then you should consider joining Kiwanis International. Kiwanis International has many local locations, but their supreme headquarters are right here in the United States, in Indianapolis, Indiana to be exact. Kiwanis International is an international organization, which means it has groups from more than one nation, or country. In fact Kiwanis International is located in over 80 countries to date.

Kiwanis International all started with two men who shared a dream to help better communities worldwide. These two men went by the names of Joseph G. Prance and Allen S. Browne. They started the organization in the year of 1915. Kiwanis International has a nickname. Their nickname is Kiwanis. Kiwanis International members participate in activities that are centered on making the world a better place, one community at a time. †

Kiwanis International is responsible for the organization which goes by the name of Key Club. Key Club has basically the same mission. The only difference between Kiwanis International and Key Club is that Key Club is an organization for high school students. In fact, it is run by young adults in high school. Kiwanis International does many things that are focused on making the community better. One way to do this is to raise money for a good cause.

There are many different ways to do this, but most ways are centered on one central idea. That idea is called fundraising. There are many different forms of fundraising. Most all forms include selling a good or service to raise income for your cause. Some of the classic goods and services provided include sweets, cookies candles, car washes, coupons and pizzas. While a fundraising distributor canít give help with services they can help with Kiwanis fundraising of goods.

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