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Kindergarten Fundraising

When does learning begin? Some may say that it is the day you are born, when you learn to breathe and see. Others may say it is the day you first speak, as that is the first true sign of learning. Others may say it is when you first begin to understand, which usually happens in the first few months after birth. The official beginning for many, however, is the first day of kindergarten. When students first start kindergarten, they know nothing of their ABCs or the written word. Some do not even know how to write their own name.

Once they finish kindergarten, the change is enormous. Not only do they learn academic skills, but they also learn social skills. For many children, kindergarten is the first long term contact with others their age that they have ever had. Through they learn the basics of social status, and even make new friends that could last them a lifetime. They also learn manners. They learn not to speak unless called upon, and to raise their hands when they wish to ask a question or make a comment.  

For many students, kindergarten is a critical changing point. They go from being an untrained toddler to a (semi) civilized human being. The word kindergarten comes from a German origin. Many schools do not give kindergarten classes the necessary funding that they need and deserve. School boards and Superintendents often focus much more time, energy and money on classes and grades which will be part of the standardized test.

They do this because if students do poorly, it reflects poorly on the school. However, they are neglecting the lower grades which have students who will ultimately take the test as well. Kindergarten classrooms often must fend for themselves. That is when kindergarten fundraising is helpful.

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