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Key Club Fundraising

Almost every high school student or graduate has, at one point in their high school years, been involved in an extracurricular or afterschool program. With smaller schools, there are much fewer options for after school activities. However, larger schools often have many different options. This can be a blessing and a curse. The blessing is that you are more likely to find a program that suits you. The curse is that it can be overwhelming to choose just one program to get involved in. While there are many different opportunities, one that suits just about any helpful high school student is Key Club. Key Club is sponsored by a company by the name of Kiwanis International.

Key Club is an organization dedicated to the greater good. Key Club members participate in many activities that ultimately help to better their community. On any given day, you could most definitely find Key Club members picking up litter, hosting fundraisers, or helping people in need in any way they can. The truly interesting thing about Key Club is that it is run by the students. Instead of being ordered around like slaves, Key Club members work together to come to decisions. Key Clubs donít usually focus on national or international issues. †

They mostly try to focus on local problems that need to be fixed, which directly leads to bettering your community. They are some of the most giving students you will ever meet, and in turn they are rewarded with the satisfaction of giving help to those in need and knowledge of what really matters in the world. As I mentioned earlier, one of the things Key Club members do is fundraising. Key Club fundraising is often found in the forms of car washes, bake sales and other hands on activities. Americaís Fundraising provides a unique Key Club Fundraising experience.

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