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Junior Achievement Fundraising

What is the most important thing our country needs to focus on? Some may say the economy, while others might argue that our environment is the top priority. No matter what the answer, all choices lead to one thing- the future. Now, I’m not talking two or three years from now. Seven decades in the future, where will you be? If you are twenty or older, you will most likely be retired, and have little or no control (outside of voting) of the direction our country takes. Instead, the young adults that are presently in kindergarten will be deciding our country’s fate. It is undeniable that there influence will be enormous, but how can we trust them enough to put America’s well being in their hands. While this sounds pretty scary, there is an organization that can (and hopefully will) help to ensure the well being of America.

This organization is Junior Achievement. Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization, meaning that it does not keep any profits for itself. Instead, all income is used to help reach the desired goal. Junior Achievement works with young children to help them learn real life skills. They use hands on learning techniques to better enhance and sustain a good learning environment. Through Junior Achievement, students are more likely to be more easily trained in the workforce.  

They also learn valuable skill that can help them in real world situations. As I mentioned earlier, Junior Achievement is a nonprofit organization. Because of this, the organization often does not have enough extra funds to provide for the resources needed to keep this project afloat. In other words, they can quickly run out of money. Running a fundraiser is very helpful for Junior Achievement members. Junior Achievement fundraising can be enjoyable with America’s Fundraising.

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