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Jaycees Fundraising

Are you between the ages of eighteen and forty years old? Do you want to do something for your community and learn many valuable leadership skills? If you do and are, then there is an organization that is perfect for you! This organization is called The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce. The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce is also known as Jaycees. People in the Jaycees learn great leadership skills. Leadership skills can often be used in the workplace on a day to day business. Also, every team needs someone to lead them, and with the help of leadership skills you can be just that person. Some leadership skills include taking charge, accepting responsibility and, in some cases, the ability of public speaking.

When leading a large group or organization, public speaking can be an especially helpful skill. Taking charge means fearlessly leading and not backing down. Accepting responsibility means taking responsibility and accountability for your and your team or groups actions. For people who want to learn or become better at these skills (and are between the ages of 18 and 40) the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce can definitely be a very helpful source of aid. The Jaycees are not always going to have enough money to power all of their functions, unfortunately.  

There is, however an answer to this seemingly dire problem. That ray of hope is fundraising. Fundraising is often done door to door, asking people if they would be willing to donate money to your cause in exchange for a rather overpriced item. Fundraising raises lots of money and even awareness of your cause. Fundraising can also be done online. This is a recent and modern innovation, and there are many websites that support it on which you can start an online fundraiser. None compare to America’s Fundraising Jaycee’s Fundraising options.

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