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Internet Fundraising

If you were born before the 1990’s, look back and ask yourself, “what was the best invention to come out in the early 90’s?” You most likely answered yourself with a phrase along the lines of “the internet.” The internet was a new thing in the 90’s. Before then, all information you needed or wanted to know was found through books at the library. The internet changed human life immensely. It was arguably the biggest and most important invention of the second half of the 20th century. After the internet was invented, specific and outlandish questions could be answered with ease, and you didn’t have to trek to the library to do research for a report or essay.

Other things, such as computer games and online chat rooms came along with the internet, as well. Some of the most notable among them are Facebook, Twitter, and games like Minecraft, which is an extremely popular online game as of now. There is one more note worthy accomplishment the internet has created: online fundraising. Online fundraising is fundraising made simple. Instead of having to bounce back and forth, calling friends for fundraising distributor recommendations and then calling the fundraising distributor to see if they are worth the effort that must be given things were much easier. After the internet was created, all it took was a few clicks of a mouse to choose a fundraising distributor that was perfect for you.  

Internet fundraising provided a new way to fund raise. It was so much simpler, faster, and more reliable than the old fashioned way. There were still, of course, certain phone calls that would need to be made. But overall, the process was just about one hundred times easier and quicker than it had been in years past.

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