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Youth Hockey Team Fundraising

What would you say if I asked you what was the one well known Olympic sport that is played on the ice, requires teamwork, and Canada is actually good at. Your answer would most likely be hockey, and you would most certainly be correct. Hockey is a sport that takes extreme skill, teamwork, balance and endurance. If you are not familiar with hockey, allow me to explain it to you.

Hockey consists of two moderately large teams that both are trying to score the puck, which is a thick cylindrical object less than six inches in diameter, into a goal, which is a net draped across a triangular prism frame with an open end facing the field and opposing team. Whichever team scores the most goals wins the game. To make the sport even more difficult, the entire playing field is made of ice. Players must wear ice skates to move around on the “skating rink”.  

Field hockey is an extremely rough-and-tumble, vicious sport. Oftentimes players will be missing several teeth due to being hit in the face with a puck. Unlike most other sports, what would be considered majorly violent transgressions in sports like soccer and basketball are completely acceptable in hockey. During this year’s Olympics, in fact, there was a fight on the field that didn’t even cause a penalty. Hockey teams usually operate through a school. While there are many wealthy private schools, most schools are not exactly made of money.

That is where a fundraiser can be life or death to your hockey team’s fundraising. America’s Fundraising is a fundraising distributor that would be absolutely perfect for your hockey fundraising. The skill, endurance, and teamwork we possess in our fundraising distribution are almost identical to that of hockey.

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