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High School Fundraising

What is an organized group every American of age 15 or more can testify to being a part of? The answer is…. (drum roll please) high school! High school is school for teens and young adults in grades nine through twelve. People in these grades are usually around fourteen to eighteen, unless they were retained in earlier years. High school is the level of education that must be achieved to meet the requirements of most high paying jobs. For many people, the next step after high school is college, for which high school teaches necessary information. High school prepares you for the higher level math, English, science and even history and civics and economics required in many real world situations and jobs.

Everybody needs to go to high school until they are at least sixteen. After age sixteen, if your parents give you permission then you may drop out of high school, but this is not a wise decision for most people attending high school, because without a high school education, there are few opportunities to move up in the world. Of course, there are some who can do without high school (Bill Gates comes to mind), but usually high school is a key part of the lives of teens in ninth through eleventh grade. High schools are supported by the government and other special grants. However, there are some things the government may not be willing to supply your school with, especially if your county’s local government is not at its best. This is where fundraising comes in.  

High school fundraising is something every high school can use, and your business is just as important to us at America’s Fundraising as your high school fundraiser is for your high school. We would love to do all that we can to make your high school fundraising a success.

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