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Girl Scouts Fundraising

Are you between the ages of six and twelve? Do you like to help your community, better the environment, and learn valuable life skills and life lessons? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are probably a Girl Scout! Girl Scouts are similar to Boy Scouts, but do less outdoorsy camping stuff and more community work and crafts and trips. Girl Scouts are a nationwide organization that is open for basically all elementary and high school level children. Each level has a different name.

Children that are in the same level are of similar ages. Some of the levels include the Daisies, Brownies, and Cadetís. The levels are kept mostly separate, but come together under certain circumstances. Some of these circumstances are field trips and larger scale meetings between two or more troops. At these meetings, a variety of activities are done. At the one I went to, we watched a play, learned how to make healthy snacks, and learned some organic household cleaning tips. †

There was also a raffle at the end. Also, every couple of years we would go to the annual Girl Scout meeting, where Girl Scout teams from all counties and states got together and traded trinkets that represented their region. Field trips go to many different places. I went on one to Washington D.C. Girl Scouts need funding for these trips, and also use some of the money they raise to help the community. The best way to raise money, in my opinion, is through Girl Scouts fundraising. Americaís Fundraising is great for Girl Scouts fundraising. We have lots of fundraising ideas for Girl Scout troops. While Girl Scouts often sell their own brand of cookies, we have other cookie types and much, much more! Our products are varied and provide Girl Scouts with great fundraising.

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