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Fraternity Fundraising

Have you ever been a part of a fraternity? For those of you who haven’t heard of a fraternity before, fraternities are organizations that are created for socializing and often engage in civic minded activities. A common type of fraternity is college fraternities. Being at a college can be sort of lonely sometimes, and a fraternity supplies you with a bond that you would otherwise be lacking without your family. Fraternities hold many different events, such as dances and fundraisers. Fundraisers can be with many different things like car washes, walk a thons, bake sales, or product fundraisers.

Most fraternities that try different fundraisers find that product fundraisers are the most profitable for the effort it takes to conduct. With product fundraisers, each person is supplied with a brochure and a signup sheet. When the potential buyer is contacted, list your cause and ask whether they would be interested in buying anything. Show them the brochure and have them sign up for the products they are interested in. We suggest you collect the money up front because many people will change their mind and it is sometimes more difficult to find them if they owe you money rather than you owing them product!  

Fraternity fundraising is one of many groups that America’s Fundraising services. We love to work with fraternities and we understand your fraternity’s fundraising needs and have many different products to choose from. Fraternities are a special kind of fundraiser. Most fundraisers deal with younger children, but young adults in college often have more disposable time which allows them to focus more on fundraisers.

This usually leads to greater sales and more profitability for the fundraiser if you can communicate the goal and get the group motivated to sell. If you are interested in fraternity fundraising, you should definitely consider America’s Fundraising for your fraternity.

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