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Football Team Fundraising

What is one of the most well known and popular sports in all of America? I will give you a hint: it is the sport millions cheer for and is represented at the national level by the NFL. It is also one of the only sports students show up for at hgh school games, and it involves a stadium. You guessed it! The answer is football, often described as America’s sport. Football in almost every other English speaking country means what we would call soccer, a sport where the hands may not be used and the goal is to score goals. For us football has an entirely different (yet still sports-related) meaning.

Football is a fairly complicated sport, with many positions, rules and regulations. The basics of football are as follows: the game consists of two opposing teams. Each team is trying to make the most points. Goals are scored by kicking or throwing the football through the goal post, which resembles a raised square shaped U. Football is more often than not a very violent sport. Players often tackle eachother in pursuit or defense of the ball. Players are known for getting concussions and having severe brain problems later on in life. At the high school level (which is in between the college and little league levels) most teams are located at high schools.  

Most high schools (especially public high schools like my own) do not have the money to be pouring in resources for the football team. Many football teams need fundraising to keep them afloat. There are hundreds upon thousands of fundraisers in circulation, and it can be an overwhelming task to choose one that is right for you. That is where America’s Fundraising can come in handy. They take all the hard work out of gathering and distributing fundraisers, leaving you with the less stressful job of collecting the money.

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