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Field Hockey Team Fundraising

Have you ever been a part of a team that you pour your heart into, meeting after school every day for practice, which utilizes skill, endurance, and stamina to push through and come out on top? Now imagine... that sport lasting year long. That is right, through Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter there is one sport that never tires. That sport is field hockey.

As a field hockey player, I can personally testify to the hard work that goes into this sport. We work day in and day out putting forth a constant flow of effort. Field hockey is a sport similar to a cross between soccer and ice hockey. Field hockey is played on a field with each opposing team on their side of the field. The home team gets to choose their side for the first half, and the opposing team chooses for the second half.  

The game is played with long sticks that are curved at the end. The sticks resemble a walking cane that has been squashed and widened at the handle. The sticks have one slightly rounded side and one flat side. You may only hit the ball with the flat side. The ball is made with hard plastic, is not hollow, and is about two inches in diameter. Players must wear face guards, mouth guards, and high shin guards when playing to prevent injury from fast flying balls. The actual game is played much like, soccer, but with several extra rules.

Like with every sport, field hockey teams could use extra money for things like uniforms and field hockey camps. But where do field hockey teams get the field hockey fundraisers they need? That is where America's Fundraising comes in. America's Fundraising has products that any field hockey player will have no trouble selling. America's Fundraising is the optimal opportunity for field hockey fundraising.

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