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What are the three necessities to life? The answer: nourishment, air, and shelter. Air is something all of us have access to, and shelter, as helpful as it is, isnít always necessary. So, the only one really important to our survival is food. But where do we get this food? From farms, of course! Now, imagine if there were no farmers. With no one to provide us with food, human civilization would crumble and we would ultimately revert to a second Dark Age. One organization thatís ensuring this does not become a reality is the FFA. FFA stands for Future Farmers of America. The FFA deals with educating the future farmers of America. They teach the art of farming. They also educate on the business and scientific sides of agriculture. The FFA is an organization that is very important to teaching teens how to become real farmers.

The FFA does not just deal with farming, but also other life related careers, including biology, chemistry, veterinary science, and engineering. The FFA, like most nonprofit organizations, needs to find alternative funding to keep it going. One of the best alternatives is fundraising. Americaís Fundraising is undoubtedly the best fundraising option for FFA fundraising. We help you help the future farmers, chemists, vets, and engineers of this nation. †

How do we do this, you may ask? Well there is more than one answer to that question. For one, we have a unique system that ensures that we get your products and brochures to you on time. The second reason is that we have the best salesmen and personal relations businessman around, and I can guarantee that he will be on top of things with your FFA fundraising. We also have a wide variety of products. Americaís Fundraising works hard so you donít have to.

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