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Class Trip Fundraising

If you know anything about planning and paying for a class fieldtrip, then you know it is expensive, expensive, and expensive! From bus tickets to hotel rooms, class trips can reach prices over hundreds of dollars per student. That can make it hard for students who come from low income families to have the chance to participate. This is the reason why you need to have a great, profitable fundraiser to help ease the burden of the high costs of a trip on both you and your students. So, it seems like you might just need a fundraiser from the best company in the industry: Americasfundraising.com.

At Americasfundraising.com, you will be amazed by our great prices, fast delivery and, most importantly, our superb customer service. Our employees here at Americas fundraising take your cause seriously and will do everything they possibly can to make sure your experience with our business will be better than any other. We welcome any and all customers and treat every one of them with the compassion and readiness that we are renowned for. You do not have to worry about lazy employees or incompetent workers when dealing with Americas fundraising, because we have just the opposite.  

Also, if you need a large selection to find a specific kind of item, you’ll be glad to know that we have tons of fundraisers to pick out of. From pizzas to soup mixes, you can find just about anything to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. One of our best fundraisers with those qualities is our frozen cookie dough fundraiser. With easy to follow, step by step instructions and an unchanging, reliable and signature taste, you will have people asking for more delicious, gourmet tasting cookies made easily by anyone over the age of three. So keep all of this in mind the next time you are looking for a fantastic fundraiser from Americasfundraising.com

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