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If you have come across this website, then it goes without saying that you are in need of a new, great fundraiser to support your Building Fund. So, it also goes without saying that you have found the perfect place to do this for you. Americas fundraising is a very popular choice for builderís funds like yours because we are efficient, effective and friendly when it comes to the customer. Our motto is: the customer knows best; and you can always count on us to get the job done and get it done right. Also, we have tons of choices for finding a fundraiser that fits your groupís cause.

One of our favorite fundraisers is by far our frozen cookie dough fundraiser. Not only is it the most simple recipe in the fundraising business, but our cookies taste the best compared to any other companyís cookies in the country. They taste just heavenly and will bring back memories of past holidays spent baking and eating with mom or grandma. Donít even think about going to another company for a cookie fundraiser, because none will be as successful as Americas Fundraising. †

Another trait of our company that sets us apart from the others is our superb customer service. In our company, the customers come first and we all will try our hardest to meet every one of your fundraising needs. Our friendly employees will always welcome you and make you feel at home, soyou will not want to ever switch to a different company. Our people are fast and hard working so you will be able to feel confident that your orders will be delivered on time and with care. We take personal measures to ensure that our product reaches you as soon as possible and you will never see us laying down on the job. Unlike some of our competitorsí, our employees at Americas fundraising will always be there for you, whenever you need us.

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