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Bowling Fundraising

Bowling is a fun sport that people of all age groups can enjoy. When you peruse bowling alleys you will often by amazed at the age range of the people participating. It is not unusual to see toddlers, little kids, teenagers, adults and the elderly all in the same place and playing together. It is often one of the rare sports that a family can play together at the same time. These groups often incur many expenses and rely on fundraising to help meet their budgets.

People can bowl with little or no experience. Many times bowling leagues will feature bowl with kids and utilize bumpers on the lanes which are expensive and often require fundraising to purchase. These bumpers allow little kids to roll the ball down the lane without falling into the gutter. When it gets to the end it almost always will knock over pins which helps create much excitement with the kids playing. Americas Fundraising has helped groups in bowling leagues purchase many of these expensive bumpers through our fundraising programs.  

Bowling leagues have many expenses including bowling bowls, shoes, and the cost of renting a bowling lane. In addition the travel costs of visiting other bowling leagues can be quite tremendous. These groups will often travel many days a week to accomplish the rigorous training that is needed to compete. The constraints that are put on these groups is quite stressful which can be exacerbated by the need to raise funds. It is not unusual for these groups not to have time and feel the stress from all the financial needs of their group.

Fundraising is often necessary for these bowling leagues to be able to do the necessary things they must to keep the league going. The next time your bowling league needs to raise money, please give Americas Fundraising a call.

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