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Booster Club Fundraising

Booster Club Fundraising groups are usually one of the most exciting fundraisers due to the enthusiasm of the group members. Booster Clubs are known to be high energy groups that can translate this energy into greater sales which leads to more successful fundraisers. People usually think these groups require less motivation but they are like other groups which need a little push now and then to help achieve their potential. These groups are usually motivated to sell so the need to push is often less than other groups but nonetheless it is never good to take anything for granted. We suggest the Booster Club gets together and appoint a few members to be the key players in motivating and getting other club members to participate. If you communicate with each other about what your goal is in the beginning it usually makes it better and easier for groups to push the need for fundraising in the beginning. All groups require a nudge every now and then and booster clubs are not an exception.

It is not unusual for booster clubs to need to raise thousands of dollars a year to buy supplies and info to keep their clubs operating efficiently. Much has to spent on materials, travel, food, and other expenses to keep these groups running. When they run into predicaments of not being able to pay their expenses booster clubs often will turn to fundraising like other groups do.  

When your group makes a decision on the fundraiser they want to participate in, they should contact Americas Fundraising so we can help you get it underway in the most efficient way possible. We know fundraising and we have been doing it for so long that we will be able to help you get started without the many pitfalls that other groups encounter. We have the process in a very straightforward manner with the notion of getting you the most profit without having everybody sacrifice all their time. When your group is ready email us call us by phone.

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