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Basketball Team Fundraising

Basketball Fundraising is required for many basketball youth sports so they can purchase uniforms and travel to games. These groups often have considerable expenses with shoes, uniforms, and travel. If the team lives in rural areas the expenses can go up even more due to longer distances required to travel. It is not unusual for basketball groups to have need to raise more funds than other groups because they have more games. Although many think basketball fundraising would be less than other sports groups, it is often that the opposite is true.

If your basketball group needs to fundraise you should consider Delisheries or one of the other fantastic fundraisers Americas Fundraiser offers. We can point you in the right direction with a product that is sure to sell and profitable for your group. When you look at all the fundraisers out there it is hard to figure out which is the best for your group. America's Fundraising can help your specific basketball team by developing a fundraiser that makes your fundraising efforts easier than others and develops into a profit maker without a huge hassle.  

If your basketball team needs to fundraise you need to decide on what you are going to raise funds for and what your goal is for the entire group. Then it is helpful to break this down into teams that decide which fundraiser they want to support. It is always necessary to consider the location you live in and the products you want to push. We suggest you consult with everybody by holding a meeting and developing a committee that is going to be responsible for motivating everybody. Once the committee members have been elected, which are usually basketball team players, they can decide on the type of fundraiser and how long they want it to go on.

At this stage you are now ready to call Americas Fundraising with the amount of brochures needed and your target start date. We will then send out brochures for your group to start. After a few weeks up to a month, you finish the fundraiser and call us with the order. We then send product and invoice you.

With a little bit of preparation your group can be up and running with your own America's Fundraising program in little time.

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