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AYSO Soccer Fundraising

AYSO Soccer fundraising is like many groups in that they need to raise funds. Americas Fundraising can help with this and streamline the process so you can focus on raising money right away. Our proven fundraising programs have helped thousands of groups raise money over the years.

American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) was started in 1964 and will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014. Many of the regional groups will need to raise money for various competitions they have slated throughout the year. By implementing an Americas Fundraising program they will be able to achieve those goals by following a few simple goal oriented fundraising procedures. We help you by providing information and support and we are available to help by cell phone, email, internet and other. When you start a fundraiser with us we guide you through the whole process and help every bit of the way. We know fundraising and have been doing this for many years.  

To have a successful AYSO Soccer fundraiser your group needs to communicate why they are raising funds to the people they approach. People are much more prone to donate when your group has a good cause. It makes sense when you consider that nobody just wants to throw their money away and many people do like to help with good causes, especially when they know you. If you are able to successfully communicate this from the beginning it will go a long way in maximizing the amount of money you can raise. Communication can occur through several channels; emails, phone calls, visits, etc.

We have numerous programs available to your group to help you raise money that are easy to begin. Most of our programs have no minimum ordering requirement and none of them require payment until you sell product and have collected the money. We make it easy and you will find our products sell themselves.

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