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Apostolic Church Fundraising

All kinds of groups need to raise funds for their groups including Apostolic Churches. These groups usually rely on fundraising to help raise money for trips and other activities within the church. Americas Fundraising can help Apolistic Churches by providing the fundraising programs to help achieve their goals. We have many different programs available whether your group is large or small. Our easy to understand process will have your group on its way to achieving your fundraising goal within days. Whether you fundraise using our candle program, our delicious dry mix Delisheries program, or our new frozen cookie dough program, your group will find our products sell well and have some of the highest quality items on the market today.

Whenever your group is thinking of doing something different you should contact us to see what new programs we have to offer. We always provide info and a fundraising packet that easy to comprehend and start working towards your goal. We provide constant support and find that our expertise in the business for years has given us an edge over other fundraising programs. Not only do you get to choose from great products but you also receive top notch support through all facets of the program. We work hard to make our fundraising as simple as possible to run but at the same time provides enough variety for groups and end consumers to find something they want.  

Often Apostolic Churches and other religious organizations need to raise funds within a few weeks. With Americas Fundraising we can have your group set up and raising money immediately and you will find that everything we do is always 100% backed by our company and guarantee with products. We only do one thing, fundraise, and we do it well. Please contact us for any of your fundraising needs.

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