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AAU Sports Fundraising

AAU Sports Fundraising is one of the fundraising programs we provide support for. Whether they are raising money for uniforms, trips, or other goods or services we can help. With our full line of cookie dough, candles, mixes, and other programs we can custom tailor a great fundraiser that your groups will make money on with no financial commitment. If your group is motivated and ready to sell, you will make money and not have to put money up front.

Like other fundraisers it is imperative that you communicate your fundraising goal with your group. It is also important to set goals and have everyone on the same page with understanding the goals. Once groups understand the goal they will need to set up a timetable with benchmarks on the amount they are going to raise each week.  

We can help by providing all the literature and suggestions for developing unique prize programs to help motivate your sellers. Like other fundraisers, sellers involved in AAU Sports Fundraising must pull together so they can help raise as much money as possible. The more everyone chips in the more money you make. If you communicate the goals and set up times for them to be achieved in helps bring in more sales. When people see their peers selling more it brings out the competitive spirit and helps push them into doing the same. By continually doing this you are more likely to increase your groups sales and overall profit.

Americas Fundraising is committed to helping you with the process and can streamline the order process for you and help your group maximize your profit potential. We know fundraising and having been doing it successfully for many AAU Sports Fundraising teams. If you want to raise great profit for your group call us today. We will set you up right away with a custom fundraising program.

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