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4-H Club Fundraising

Have you ever been a part of a 4-H Club? If you have, then you know all of the hard work put into them, and the valuable life lessons and skills received. 4-H Clubs are very much like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts combined, without all of the outdoorsy stuff. You learn all sorts of skills that will help you in business and in life in general. 4-H Clubs are a great source of helpful hands in the community. They often participate in events such as 5 kilometer races to raise money to support them. An easier alternative for those who donít like exercising is a classic fundraiser. Americaís Fundraising is the place to go if your 4-H Club needs to raise some extra money.

We have boatloads of fundraisers that come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for all personalities. We know how important your 4-H Club is to you, and we are determined to make it the priority for us. We want to help your 4-H Club raise money as much as you do, because 4-H Club fundraising is one of our top profits. We have expert businessmen and businesswomen at our disposal to make your journey through our fundraiser a fun and stress free experience. †

How many other fundraising distributors do you know that can say the same thing? The answer is probably none, because our unique process helps you get through our fundraiser without having any drama or disasters along the way. You can be confident of the quality youíll be getting with us, as well. Whether itís 4-H fundraising or Girl Scout fundraising, we will always have the same high quality goods, that you will feel good about purchasing whether it's cookie dough, cookie mixes, or candles you can count on American Fundraising to provide high quality products at good value.

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